Chargeback Prevention

The platform intercepts a dispute, providing merchants time to credit the transaction and stop the chargeback before it’s reported to the acquiring bank.

No Unnecessary Fees

No setup fees, monthly fees, or monthly minimums. Only pay for the chargebacks intercepted.

Chargeback Interception

AltoShield’s™ chargeback technology ensures chargebacks are caught before they can be reported to an acquiring bank.

Measurable Results

Reducing chargebacks translates to improved account status with your merchant bank, increased fraud prevention and an uptick in profits.

Global Coverage

With more than 600 issuers in 35+ countries, we’ve got you covered in nearly every major market around the world.

Top Card Issuers

AltoShield’s™ global coverage consists of nearly every major card issuer.

Reason Code Interception

Use your chargeback alert data to identify trends and strengthen your fraud screening.

How It Works

AltoShield™ has solidified relationships with leading chargeback mitigation providers to offer maximum coverage in chargeback prevention. These providers have fostered connections with major card issuers to intercept chargeback data.
AltoShield™ has simplified that process by providing all the data from one source, thus creating one global chargeback prevention network.

Did You Know?

50% of online businesses fail due to chargeback fees and an inability to manage them.

Chargebacks account for over 41% of online fraud.

58% of cardholders immediately contact their bank/credit card company when disputing a charge rather than contacting the merchant’s customer support.

86% of chargebacks are fraudulently placed.

Breaching chargeback thresholds can cause severe penalties in addition to your bank’s chargeback fees. These penalties can be in the thousands of dollars.

As part of our suite of payment processing and chargeback services, we offer AltoRAM™—Representment Analytics Monitoring. Manage chargebacks and identify suspicious activity with real-time monitoring and transactional data storage. 

Use our full-suite of services for seamless payment processing and transactional protection. Let’s start a partnership today!

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