AltoRAM Representment Analytics and Monitoring solution is designed to help businesses manage the chargebacks that are received and provide real-time reporting and alerts to help monitor your chargeback levels and identify any suspicious activity.  The system gathers chargeback data as well as important transaction details allowing us to fight the chargeback and win your money back!


AltoRAM – Representment, Analytics, Monitoring.


All chargebacks received that are deemed ‘winnable’ are rebutted instantly with precise accuracy. The technology sorts through all information and prepares responses while the quality assurance team scans the prepared data to achieve the highest possible win rates.


Chargeback counts and ratios are displayed in real-time including a variety of additional pertinent information allowing you to identify trouble areas. The system allows you to track chargeback details back to a particular affiliate, traffic source, geography, reason code, payment type, BIN or any customized field. You will also be able to forecast month-end results based on current trends and collected data.


Monitor all of your chargebacks from all merchant accounts, regardless of how many you may have, all in one place. Receive customizable alerts via email or text message when a certain mid threshold is breached. You choose the parameters and the alerts will be triggered once those are hit so you don’t have to constantly be viewing chargeback statistics.